What we do and why!

Jackie Cooney Founder and CEO of 4HireFitness

Mission & Vision

"4Hire Fitness recruits promotes and connects the community with the most qualified fitness professionals in Canada"

Most people dont realize that the fitness industry is unregulated. We want to bring awareness, accountability, and safety to the community.

4HireFitness is passionate about connecting the community with the Top Fitness Professionals in Calgary and throughout Canada. We will vet, promote and match these quality trainers with clients, -individual, group or a business.  Our goal is for the public to feel comfortable and confident with using 4HireFitness to help them find success in bettering themselves no matter what their fitness needs. All of our Fitness Trainers we promote must be certified, qualified. 

Photo - Jackie Cooney, Founder 4HireFitness

Canada's top fitness trainer™

Creator of  Canada's top fitness trainer™ A annual promotion which will provide a platform for Fitness Trainers across Canada to be nominated and recognized for their dedication and hard work.  

Interested as a Fitness Professional?

We are currently recruiting qualified fitness trainers to promote on our website. If you are looking to enhance your client base, 4HireFitness is constantly networking in order to find career opportunities for fitness professionals. 

If you are a business owner who is looking for qualified fitness professionals, look no more, we vet and screen potential candidates. Let us do the background work so you can focus on your business. 

4HireFitness provides consulting for Fitness trainers who need guidance managing credentials such as certifications, insurance, and background checks in order to work in all environments as well as image consulting.

Share the big news

This is just the beginning, our mission is to keep the community connected to the fitness world and all its vast experiences and opportunities. 


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